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"The Mavericks" is a fan-based series set in the DC Comics universe. It has primarily taken form after the "Countdown to Infinite Crisis" comic, and then based off of Alba Aulbath's fanfiction series "Warning: The Pool is Contaminated". To make any sort of sense of "The Mavericks" continuity, it would be a prime idea to read this series, having been well-reccomended by readers over the internet.

Justice League Fanfiction
Blue and Gold Incorporated

"The Mavericks" is a team separate from the Justice League. They are composed of Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Booster Gold (Michael J. Carter), the Question (Vic Sage), Fire (Beatriz DaCosta), Green Lantern (Guy Gardner), and Elongated Man (Ralph Dibny), and set in the city of Philadelphia. Batman funds them, currently.

The Mavericks community is meant to showcase this fanseries, written by a series of people and drawn by a series of people. We are always open to discussion about these characters, potential plots, fanart, or if you even have offers for ideas or to draw us a comic we'd be happy to accept. There is, of course, a series of rules.

1.) Top priority: no flaming.
I will not accept this under any circumstances. Respect each other, respect opinions, respect beliefs, and so on. Be sensible adults. If someone likes slash but you don't? Fine. Do not participate in that kind of discussion - but keep from insulting each other needlessly. If you have a personal problem with it, we will respect it, and you should do the same to others.

2.) Language
I can so accept 'dirty language'. People curse, that's a fact. But, also keep in mind that others don't use course language. In a discussion with others comfortable with it, it's fine.

3.) Posts
Primarily, this community is for general discussion of "The Mavericks"; there are appointed writers, pencilers, etc. However, anyone is welcome to join in and talk and give critique, or maybe offer their reviews, ideas, fanfic (yes, fanfiction of fanfiction), and/or fanart.

Basic rules. Get along... OR ELSE.