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Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005, 12:59 am

Two posts in one night? Gasp le gasp gasp. Call 911.

Mostly just posting down ideas. Some are mine, some are not, some developed by you guys via talking on AIM and whatnot.

Issues 1-3 are firmly set. Which I hope I will have fun shocking you all with.

Afterwards, here's some ideas we have rolling around, in no particular order:

1. The "Watchmen Crossover Part One" Idea, first spewed from the lovely brains of Kiffie
The Question comes down with a really bad fever. Not surprising, because he can't take care of himself worth crap. So, he is stuck in bed. Keeping in mind of his anger issues in the past and recently (especially considering how he feels about the League), his feng shui abilities get a little... out of control, since they are effected by the energies of emotion and all. So, what comes out of this little ordeal? The Question's anger manifests itself into a form.
Specifically, as Rorschach from Watchmen.
What will become of this? Not sure. But it's a fun idea that can hopefully coincide with Edward's "Watchmen" crossover. Basically, Rorschach will be happily attacking League members, likely. I would like Question and Ralph to take an approach to Rorschach, which will leave the second part of the crossover idea.

2. The "Watchmen Crossover Part Two" Idea, from Edward
Basically? By some fake science which I'm sure I can develop easily enough, Nite Owl is thrown into the DC universe. I can't remember too much with this, but I know Edward has an INSANE amount of paragraphs and paragraphs of notes that are just... amazing. They blow me away. Perhaps this can tag alone with Kiffie's idea, or at least will happen afterwards. It's a doozy.

3. The "Elongated Man Babysits" Idea, from yours truly
I got this from a dream. Okay shut up right now. Essentially, Ralph finds a kid, who is a metahuman. She is about eight-years-old, and has the ability to manipulate paper. Shut up. Again. She is nicknamed Paperbrush. Apparently, she ran away from home. So, Ralph goes to take her home - only to find the town she's from do not like metahumans. Ralph makes his attempt to tell him that metahumans are hunky dory, but ... well, their minds are not changed. Regretfully, all Ralph can do in this story is help Paperbrush and her mother move out of the town to another one so they will be happy. At the end of the story, essentially Ralph learns he is really fond of children and really, really wishes he could be a father. SAD.

4. The "Mysterious Magic Mayhem" Idea, from yours truly
Somehow, Booster Gold is turned into a five-year-old. While they try to figure out this mess, the Mavericks have to babysit him. Ralph is away, so he can't, and the task is dropped into the Question's lap - which goes into depth for his soft side for kids, so he's surprisingly very tolerant of a kid Booster. However... whatever goes on gets worse, and the magic effects Question into thinking he's Booster's father and that Ted and Beatriz are both the mommies. Wacky hijinks indeed. And things get worse from there, of course. Who's responsible for the magic? That's a good question - no pun intended.

5. The "Hub City dies" Idea, from Lakidaa
One nut, the Question spontaneously freaks out and leaves the mansion, immediately heading to Hub City. Wondering WTF is up, the Mavericks follow. They find the city pretty much empty, and discover Vic is in the center, meditating and not responding to them. When they wonder what's up and freak out, Vic "wakes up" and tells them to leave Hub, immediately. Urging them to leave, they do, and he stays behind - and the city's chi literally explodes, sending a wave of energy (which I hope will look insanely cool drawn in Sight). I'm not sure how much Lakidaa wants me to spoil, but basically, the story will ensue in the rebirth of a new Hub City energy-wise and healing the earth, so it will give the city some hope, and Vic some new energy abilities.

6. The "Parasite" Idea, from Kiffie
Blue Beetle's magic is going a bit wonky after some series of events - but he doesn't tell anyone. I don't remember too much what Kiffie and I talked about, I probably have some notes somewhere. Basically, it ensues that there's an alien-insect-like magic talisman parasite - that absorbs magic talismen. But because Beetle's is INSIDE of him (the azure scarab), it absorbs the scarab from him. So the Mavericks have to take the parasitic thing out to save Beetle. Just a nice quick story, and those are fun. We love these guys in peril!

7. The "Checkmate Attempts to Form Weapons Against Them" idea, from yours truly
I'll give a quick run down, since I'm not sure I'll do it. Basically, Checkmate takes DNA from Blue Beetle and Power Girl and attempts to conceive their own metahuman weapons. This means, pretty much making their own Blue Beetle from scratch (though with Power Girl's abilities, since they can't make a new scarab), and also make their own Booster Gold. (I won't elaborate on that, just be prepared for some WTF-ness) A fun story, to keep in mind Checkmate wants to take out the Mavericks and all other metahumans. Yep, Checkmate is STILL at large here.

8. The "Let's Share Bar Stories" Idea, from Kiffie
Pretty much, the Mavericks (minus Question, who refuses to drink) are in a bar "Warriors", sharing their random stories with one another, so it's a chance to do some FLASHBACKING in their point of views. Guy's stories will be very egotistical, of course. Blue and Gold will share the same event in their own POV's, Bea could share something about Ice, and Ralph on a detective case or something. At the end of the story, which cracks me up at the idea, Kiffie suggested to show Question sitting on a rooftop for a few panels, then is randomly jumped by Batman, THE END. That just makes me laugh, and I think it's fantastic.

9. The "Dead People Walking in OCTOBER?" Idea, from Kiffie
Essentially, there's some dead-manipulating going on around Halloween. How convenient. The Mavericks go to work and try to sort things out, which will mainly be with Blue Beetle and the Question's abilities separately so they can move on the dead to Heaven or Hell or wherever they should go. It gives them all some chances to meet with close ones they've lost and possibly give final farewells. Suggestions were:
Ted talking to Dan Garrett.
Booster to his sister, Michelle.
Bea and Guy with, of course, Ice.
And Vic spends some actual pretty normal time with Tot in a bar.

10. The "Ralph is Dead" idea, from yours truly
Ralph is dead. That sucks. But he's not dead forever, just a few hours. He's in an afterlife in a cafe with Death (from Sandman) and meets some very dead people. This is just an idea that may or may not be used, because we're already doing a 'dealing with dead people' story with Kiffie's idea, and I like her idea better than mine.

There's probably some more I am not remembering right now. SO POST THEM.

Covenhouse_Cat has come up with a nice Bea one. I like it. I acknowledge it. I yay at it. :D

I would also like, sometime in the future:

The Question and the Creeper team-up - How it will happen? No idea. But I love it.
Blue Beetle and Lobo team-up - Or not even! Since Ted has powers now, it makes him pretty powerful, in which Lobo will likely want to challenge him. How it will happen? NO. IDEA.

Any others? Post 'em. I love ideas. Ideas make me SMILE.

Also, in reguards to a few of you:

I know you know some spoilers from issues 1-3 and the end of "Pool", so there are some ideas based off of those that I'd like to not list right now, to save on spoilerage. Kickass? GOODIE. But they are indeed in my cranium right now. Rest assured.

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005 06:12 am (UTC)

I would LOVE to see Michael talk to Michelle BUT.. she's not dead yet. SHe's not BORN yet. Unless ghost time is't linear (distinct possibility) or she's been (stuck?) haunting him (which could suck. and also bring to mind bad Bishop&Shard jokes. guy from the future and all).

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005 07:01 am (UTC)

I feel like a bad wee geek when I ask: Bishop & Shard?

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005 03:36 pm (UTC)

Cast thine eyes back, back to the 90s - and sideways, to the Marvel Universe. Having already established a future - and then contradictd it with a totally different future - Marvel felt compelled to add yet a third future to the X-Men. From this one came Bishop, a big muscly black man wih the letter M tattooed on his face. In his time, he was a type of cop. In *his* past, all the X-Men had been murdered by a traitor, and he aimed to find out who and stop it.

Bishop's sister Shard was also his partner, but she died before he travelled to the past. (Or after. I don't remember.) Not that she didn't go with him, as a ghost. At one point she started being visible to more than just him, and developed and interesting slate of dead abilities.


Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005 04:19 pm (UTC)

Oh yeah, that Bishop.

Dinnaeknow about Shard, though.

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005 06:16 am (UTC)



Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005 09:14 am (UTC)

It's a doozy.

Yer too kind. ^_^

I got hold of that saved AIM convo where I sort of blathered on for twenty minutes about it, and I've stacked all my paper-copy notes in my top desk drawer. If you like, I can go ahead and ready a more coherent writeup to post here. It won't be too draining on my pooped brain, since most of it is already laid out and just needs to be organized-and it'll make for a good kickstart to get me going on the other things I need to be writing/about. XD

Plus I'd love to hear if anyone else has some geek moments to suggest, and it'll definitely be helpful to me to go ahead and specifically note what parts will totally rely on/knit into previous arcs. The earlier I do that part especially, the easier it might be for somebody to go "hey, I know where that'd fit!" or "I know what (random detail) from (some other arc) you could use there", etc. :)

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005 02:24 pm (UTC)

Haha! I could so develop something having to do with the yellow-skinned wacky man.

Take that, tiny mocking Guy Gardner in my brain! Take that!

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005 05:26 pm (UTC)
kiffie: RE: Watchmen

Well, what if Dan popped up BECAUSE Rorschach is there, and helps them hunt him down? Rorschach could be disembodied chi or something, because hey, Doc pretty much vaporized him.

...I like pie. *nods sagely*