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Mon, Nov. 27th, 2006, 08:15 pm
liquidengineer0: Hello.

Hope everyone is doing well tonight. I just joined the community recently: I love Pool and its version of the Question (who's become gradually mentally healthier as the story has progressed as Ted has become more wiggy -_-). It inspired me to search for Vic communities on LJ and I just about fell out of reality with joy when I happened on this one. I've loved reading all the posts. It's great to find people who enjoy putting as much thought into DC's forgotten gem characters as I do.

As a fanfic author who's gone more than six months between updates, I understand how hard it is to manage an epic-length fic, and I wouldn't dare nag you for more. But the part of me that's addicted to Pool and has reread it five times really hopes it's finished someday. If there's some outside force impeding things, let me know. I will be more than happy to send my vast armies* against them.

*By vast armies, I am, of course, referring to my vast collection of DCU plushies**, which I shall launch from an air canon of some sort.

**Please allow 2-4 months for me to actually assemble a vast collection of DCU plushies. Perhaps I can trade in all those beanie babies I got back when I was under the affect of the Beanie Baby Craze. I still think the Beanie Baby Company must have had access to the Mento Helmet.

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005, 11:46 pm
edward_hyde: (no subject)

Our glorious leader says to rock, so let there be rock! :D Early, very first-draft-y, very not organized sketch of my Mavericks contribution. It's still mainly a skeleton at this point, and won't be fully fleshed out until I have the continuity work of others to fill some parts in with...but anyway. Watchmen geekery (and spoilers) within!

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On a fairly unrelated note, there should totally be a Mavericks fan-soundtrack. I nominate Rare Earth's "I Just Want to Celebrate" for a track. I mean, I just want to celebrate another day of livin'/I just want to celebrate another day of life...I put my faith in the people/But the people let me down/So I turned the other way/And I carry on, anyhow Plus the goofy vibe so works. Yes, I'm a dork. :D Good night, everybody!

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005, 12:59 am
alba_aulbath: (no subject)

Two posts in one night? Gasp le gasp gasp. Call 911.

Mostly just posting down ideas. Some are mine, some are not, some developed by you guys via talking on AIM and whatnot.

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Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005, 12:04 am
alba_aulbath: (no subject)

Hey, kiddies! It's Auntie Alba!

Auntie Alba here to say:

Because I don't intend to OFFICIALLY start Mavericks until "Pool" is done, doesn't mean we can't get crackin'. Get prepared, get a feel for these characters. It took me a few chapters to even really KNOW these guys. You should do the same.

Artists: Do me some sketches. Make up scenarios, or pick favorites from "Pool". The Keet doesn't really count because she's already done tons, but it never hoits to do some more. Wink wink.

Writers: Start writing scenes. They don't have to be full-out fanfics - maybe just some hijinks with these characters. Or heck, POST YOUR IDEAS. MUST I WHIP YOU INTO SHAPE?

We can start working, but I won't officially post completed things until "Pool" is done. That's the gameplan. After all, we have a continuity an' all.


Sat, Jul. 16th, 2005, 10:57 pm
thekeet: The Maverickteers?

Okay, I haven't been really posting in the community because I am a shy little turd, but yesterday, inspired by a little innocent comment of Alba's, I had an urge to do an Evil Thing.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*Run away*

Thu, Jul. 14th, 2005, 10:26 am
alba_aulbath: Contact Info

Okay then! While I'm working on scans and making links and sites and so on, I need you guys to do some stuff for me:

Give me contact information. Your AIM (if you have one), your e-mail, and of course, your LJ name. And your RL first name; I respect the fact that some of ya prefer to remain relatively anonymous, so I won't ask for a last name. Also, I need your status. You a writer or an artist or both?

Alba Aulbath's Info:

Name: Jennifer Berry (you're all still welcome to call me Alba; I'm used to it in RL)
AIM: NightblitzWakka
E-mail: alba_aulbath@hotmail.com
LJ Name: alba_aulbath
Status: Writer mostly, partly artist

If you really wish to keep your e-mail or AIM anonymous from public, that's fine - but I'd still like you to e-mail this information to me at least. I need to keep ways of contacting you all so I can heckle keep track of you all.

If you're not involved in the project in any sort of way other than reading it and waving your pompoms at us, giving out your info isn't applicable, obviously. :D

Wed, Jul. 13th, 2005, 02:03 pm
kiffie: Ralph's First Appearance

I have here a zip file containing Ralph's first appearance, for all those who want it. He's not exactly BWAH-HA-HA funny, but then, personalities were lacking quite a bit in Silver Age folk.

It's more an FYI for anyone who wants to know his origin.


Right-click, save target as.

Safe to say that Ralph has come a long way from this. After all, now he's the World Famous Elongated Man, traveling the globe, solving mysteries, and being with his darling (but saintly!) wife, Sue. La la la, Identity Crisis, I can't hear youuuuuu...!

Now, to make this a tad more legit to be posting it to the Mavericks comm, do we have any plotting/planning/storylines to discuss that would be great with Ralph in the mix? Hijinks, escapades, shennanigans... Heheh. Hijinks. All those dotted letters right next to one another.

. . . Er. Right.


Tue, Jul. 12th, 2005, 02:34 pm
alba_aulbath: Modly Posting

Because you LOSERS wonderful people have joined the community before the project is barely even beginning, figure I'll make some posts and such and whee.

Writers and artists alike, or even those who want to comprehend these characters while simply reading and enjoying our fantastic stuff that DC wishes they were as talented as us, there is some essential reading to be able to write these guys. I'll need some of you, with the comics available, and myself even, to be scanning or writing things up and posting it into this community so I can make memories of it.

Basically, what I need is:
The Question (various issues) - I'll take care of this, since I own almost every issue and I'm insanely obsessive.
Blue Beetle - Any various appearances. I realize, at least, there are some places that have issues with Beetle that's up and ready to read, thankfully by both the community 'beetlemania' and Edward's posts in scans_daily; I'll make links available soon.
Booster Gold - Again, Edward has made wonderful scans with him and Beetle in scans_daily; I will be making links ASAP. However, if there's any glorious character bits that he hasn't posted (anything with his background or anything further with his temper) I'm asking someone to make scans and make a post in scans_daily so I can link it up. That is, particularly, if LadyM has anything to add. She knows Booster Gold's character best of all here, I imagine. :D
Guy Gardner - Beyond being an asshole and the occasional (very, very occasional) softie, I barely know much about his background. Ergo, he's difficult to make plots for. If anyone has information we can snag or scans, make 'em. I know Jay has some Guy Gardner plotbunnies, thankfully, but it'd still be helpful for the rest of us. :D
Fire - One of the more difficult characters, I think. Beyond her friendship with the late Tora and her very strong personality, I haven't much of a clue of her history. I know her history with the JLA and JLI, but that's about my limit. Can anyone enlighten us?
Elongated Man - I know his personality; it's pretty easy to comprehend. So's his history. Fortunately, there's a site called 'Dibny Dirt' with information. However, I'd still like some scans with any essential reading on his achievements and activity. I know Kiffie has some Silver Age comics with him in it, and I hope she plans to make some scans.

Some other essential reading:
Identity Crisis - I have this on my computer. I'll make scans soon even if I really hate this mini-series. It's not the greatest story - but, we're writing events based off of this. It's important. I will post scans ASAP.
Countdown to Infinite Crisis - A big duh here. However, you don't have to read it, it's still kind of suggested so you can understand a bit about the scarab and crap. Edward has already made scans. I will make links soon. I will also post up any other scans that might be important.
O.M.A.C. Project - I only suggest scans of this so we can appropriately address this during the Mavericks storyline. I haven't bought any comics of this myself. If anyone has it, please make scans so we can comprehend what exactly the O.M.A.C. Project is about. I've only been making guesses so far and B.S.ing my way around it which seems to be working because no one's called me out on this yet, thank God!
Villains United - Well, probably not heavily essential. I'm just curious - what's Dr. Light's role in this?Does anyone know? I'd like to. Oh yes, would I ever.

Any information we can have about Checkmate? I don't actually know much about it, just that it's a government program, and that's it. I've been B.S.ing my way with this too. I know it's existed previously, but Countdown was actually my first time reading about it.
I'm ignoring the Rann/Thanagar War thing. This is JLA business. However, if someone wants to address it, I'm not stopping you.

I promise to make links soon. For now, be on the lookout, and plan. BWA HA HA HA.

If you guys have any questions and can't get ahold of me by AIM, start posting them here. The community's here, we can start using it, even if Mavericks isn't even technically started yet.